Video: Lay Down Those Baby Hairs Like No Man’s Business


Baby hairs are those soft, very fine, feathery but usually short hairs found around the hair line on the head. The type of baby hairs you will have depend on your hair type and texture as some people have really curly baby hairs. These hairs are usually common in babies, but can also follow a child into adulthood. I have seen some girls slicking down almost half the hair on their head in the name of baby hairs, biko, it isn’t that serious.

Video: Lay Down Those Baby Hairs Like No Man's Business


For many years, in the Latina and African-American communities, these hairs have found their way into the styling routine of women. For some, they are cute and easy to style, while others can find theirs a bit unruly when they try to incorporate them into their hairstyle.

For some people though, their baby hairs can cause breakouts around their hairline because of hair sebum and product buildup. Like Kim Kardashian admitted to using lasers to permanently take out her baby hair because of breakouts.Video: Lay Down Those Baby Hairs Like No Man's Business

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Baby hairs, when slicked down can give a cute and youthful look to the face. The key is to getting a gel product with a strong enough hold and taking your time to fashion them out in a lovely pattern. My friends and I are yet to find an edge control strong enough to keep our hair down for hours, but apparently, the good old N150 naira clear or black gel does great wonders, so instead of wasting over N1000 on Olive Oil Edge Control or other similar brands, spend N150 instead and treat yourself to shawarma with the change.

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As you will see in this short video, it really doesn’t take that much time and effort to do.

In this video by Kyla Laird, she shows us how she keeps her edges looking snatched and on point.


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